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Hear from our customers

“My sister and I took our families on the Charleston Choice Tour last week.  Leah was very responsive to e-mails before the tour and very organized and professional.  I would highly recommend this tour to people who want a personalized and knowledgeable inside view of Charleston’s leading ladies that we never hear about..  Leah answered all of our questions and kept things moving along. We learned so much! So glad we scheduled this one!”

Kim A.

“Fantastic tour full of information about these unknown ladies of Charleston. Leah was very passionate about this history.  She was extremely clear and organized. We were in the very historic part of town and would never have known anything about these houses and stories, had I not taken this tour.  I will 100% do this tour again. Thanks Leah!”

Kelly L.

“What a wonderful way to get to know Charleston’s untold history!! Leah Middleton is owner and operator of this tour. She knows her stuff! Love the theme costume she was wearing. I have a whole new respect for the strength of these women in the past.  I appreciated her energy, passion and knowledge. Highly recommend.”

Adriana D.

“Can’t say enough about how important it is to learn the behind the scenes of Charleston. These women disappeared in history. Leah brought them back to life. This is a must see tour!”

Rita H.

“Love her costume! Leah was very pleasant and it was fun to learn about a history that should be talked about.”

Loan N.

The Women’s History Tour is an absolute must! Had a blast and learned so much about these unsung heroes of Charleston. The owner is professional, engaging, and offers a wealth of knowledge many other local tours simply cannot compete with. Outstanding!

Crystal V

Hands down the best tour in Charleston!!! I can’t say enough good things about the tour and guide. Guide is experienced and you can tell she not only really knows the history, but absolutely loves what she does. Tons of really interesting stories about the people and places of Charleston. If you only have time for one tour during your stay(we took 6) this is the one! Easily the best tour in Charleston

Lisa B

Ladies – You simply must add this historical walking tour to your schedule. You will love your time with Leah, and learn so much about the Ladies in Charleston. This tour is perfect for a girl’s afternoon out.

Madeline V.

Nov 2022
The walking tour was wonderful. There was so much information and history that I didn’t know about…especially the women of Charleston…what they did to influence the culture of Charleston blows my mind. There were a lot of strong women in Charleston in the last 300 years. I would go again. Leah was so knowledgeable about anything we asked – even off topic.

Luanne L.

We are on a girls trip to Charleston. We decided on Charleston Choice Tours on a friend’s recommendation. We are so glad we took this tour! Leah not only told interesting facts,  but she also talked about the local drama that went on back in the day! We had a great time in Charleston and cannot wait to come back!

Cathy P.

I am a local. Charleston Choice Tours gave a January discount to locals. Just when I thought I knew everything about this place, I find out otherwise! Leah is a great guide.

Shannon H.

The houses downtown are incredible! My husband and I took Leah’s tour to hear the local stories and saw the beauty of the gardens and houses. Leah knows so much about the history of the houses! We were only a group of 4 and it was like visiting an old friend. We loved the tour! The total tour walk in about a mile and a half so people who don’t want to hoof it miles on end to see a building will really like this one!

Donna M.

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